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Mobile World Congress in crisis

Intel and Amazon join a growing list of exhibitors pulling out, as a “quarantine” of attendees from China throws the world’s biggest mobile event into disarray, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK



Nevertheless, a range of extraordinary measures have been put in place by the GSMA, including:

  • Increased cleaning and disinfection programme across all high-volume touchpoints, e.g. catering areas, surfaces, handrails, WCs, entrances/exits, public touch-screens, etc. along with the use of correct cleaning/sanitising materials and products
  • Increased onsite medical support – doubled over last year
  • Awareness campaign via online and onsite info-share and signage
  • Availability of sanitising and disinfection materials for public use
  • Awareness and training to all staff on standard personal preventative measures, e.g. personal hygiene, frequency of use of sanitising/disinfection products, etc.
  • Advice to exhibitors on implementing effective cleaning and disinfection of stands, offices along with guidance on personal hygiene measures and common preventive behaviour
  • Public health guidelines and advice communication to Barcelona hotels, public and private transport, restaurants and catering outlets, retail, etc.
  • Installing new signage onsite reminding attendees of hygiene recommendations
  • Implementing a microphone disinfecting and change protocol for all speakers
  • Communicating advice to all attendees to adopt a ‘no-handshake policy’
  • A 24-hour telephone Security and Medical service for all attendees, operational from 12 to 29 February 2020. This number appears on the back of badge holders, in the event App and on signage around the venue.

While the event still appears to be on track, it is clear that it is operating in crisis mode, and the situation could change at any time. The GSMA has ensured the industry that it will provide ongoing updates on its website, at

* We will update this report as more news is received.

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