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Minions larger than life in Titans (no, not THOSE minions) 

The Newest Hearthstone Expansion Introduces 145 new themed cards, including a new Twist on Classic mode.

In the beginning, massive titan world-souls shaped life on Azeroth. Now, they’re coming to shape Hearthstone! The new set of 145 cards hails 11 new Legendary Titan minions, each imbued with three unique powers to unleash before attacking as normal. With the power of the keepers in your hands, be sure to take advantage of the new keyword Forge, by dragging the card to your deck and upgrading its form. Plus, check out 15 new Signature cards, all with art representing the grandeur of the Titans.

“The age of the Titans has arrived, bringing their arcane magic and ancient technologies to the mortal citizens of Azeroth,” said executive producer Nathan Lyons-Smith. “The Hearthstone team forged some massive minions and mechanics in this expansion, and we’re excited to see what players create with these new celestial powers in their decks. This is what myths are made of!”

Also coming to this expansion is the return of the fan-favorite keyword Magnetic, allowing minions with this keyword to magnetize to other minions on the board. Titans is the second expansion for the Year of the Wolf.

Elsewhere in the Tavern, players recently had a taste of Twist, the newfangled creative mode coming to Hearthstone. With regularly rotating ladder seasons, the mode offers special variants on the usual rules. Twist formats can include curated card pools and unique rulesets. During the Beta period, players tried out New Age, an altered format where decks were only allowed to include cards from the current Core Set and all sets from Ashes of Outland onward, with the rule twist being no neutrals allowed. The wackiness continues when Twist formally launches on 1 September.

For more card info, game mechanics details, and fun extras, visit the expansion website.For screenshots and other assets, visit

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