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Mini 99 snaps into
SA market

The new Instax features an analogue model with an array of controls and modes to provide creative control.

The Instax Mini 99 is a new high-end model from the Fujifilm instant camera range, coming to South Africa at the end of March 2024.

The device features analogue capabilities with its Colour Effect Control. By twisting the dial, located at the top left corner above the viewfinder, users can select one of six analogue colour effects: Faded Green, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Soft Magenta, Sepia and Light Leak. The colour effect is applied directly to the film by four LEDs housed inside the body of the Mini 99.

The device features a Brightness Control Dial, which selects one of five brightness settings to either lighten or darken the image. At the front of the lens is a manual Vignette Mode switch, allowing users to reduce exposure around the edges to bring the focus to the centre of each picture.

Using these analogue features in combination creates varied opportunities for photographers. It can also be mixed with other modes, with Instax adding two options: Bulb Mode, which permits the shutter to stay open for up to ten seconds for distinct streaks or trails of light, and Double Exposure Mode to superimpose two individual shots onto one photo. Users can keep track of the shooting mode, battery power and remaining film sheets via a small LCD at the back of the camera.

As an update to 2013’s Mini 90, the Mini 99 body features leather-like matte texture that sits comfortably in the hand. Hammertone coating and coloured text are featured to present a classical design with a premium texture, suitable for this high-end model of the Instax analogue line-up. The Mini 99 is portable with a weight of about 350g.

The Mini 99 makes use of Instax’s popular Mini instant film, with an image size 62mm x 46mm, printing out in about 90 seconds.

A black camera case is available for the device.

Instax says that users can expect 100 frames from the camera’s removable rechargeable battery, with a USB Type-C charging cable and charger included. Featured on the device is a tripod thread and a bottom grip to make it easier to take selfies.

Fujifilm will release a new mini-format film called Photo Slide this month, inspired by vintage photo slide mounts, which should still be familiar to Instax users who made use of 35mm film and projectors.

With an update to the ‘Instax UP!’ app, users can scan and save Instax prints with a smartphone for digital conversion.

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