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Microsoft confirms it will bring Surface to SA

Microsoft unveiled six new Surface products at a launch event in New York City this week. BRYAN TURNER talks to the company’s devices head to find out what it means to South Africans.



This week, Microsoft took a bold-step into the world of dual-screen devices as it refreshed its lineup of Surface computers.

At a launch event in New York on Wednesday, the company introduced two dual-screen devices, namely the Surface Neo and Surface Duo for 2020. It also added AMD and ARM processor configurations to its lineup.

The Surface has been an indicator of ideal form factors for other manufacturers to adopt for showcasing the full capabilities of its Windows platform. As a result, any departure from conventional formats may mean new ranges from other manufacturers too. In the past, however, South Africans paid little attention to new Surface devices, as they have not been formally on sale in this country.

Gadget asked Microsoft’s corporate vice president for worldwide consumer and device sales, Ami Silverman, to provide insight into the status of Surface devices in South Africa.

“It is our goal and our objective to bring Surface to South Africa,” she told us. “We’re not in a place where we have a date or time. For now, Windows works well on many devices from our multinational partners, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and the great local partners that produce devices here in South Africa.”

The answer to the slow entrance into the South African market may lie in a slower computer refresh cycle in this country.

“In South Africa, the move to modern computers has been a little bit slower than other markets,” says Bradley Hopkinson, Microsoft VP of consumer and device sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa. ”It’s our job as Microsoft to support the ecosystem and work with multinational partners like Intel, AMD, and others, to support more modern devices to showcase the high functionality of these devices.”

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