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Note10 tackles trillion-pic challenge



More than 1-trillion photos are now taken every year, according to InfoTrends. That’s about 130 images for every one of the 7.7 billion people on the planet. Of course, many smartphone users take much more in just a month. Clearly, we’re capturing our surroundings and moments more than ever before. 

When one consider the number of photos sent from others, apps, files, messages, work emails and shared files we also store, smartphone manufacturers have to offer increased memory on an unprecedented level. That is one of the key features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+.

“The Note10 and Note10+ have raised the bar for smartphones considerably,” says Justin Hume, director for integrated mobility at Samsung South Africa. “The power to do more is undoubtedly evident in the phone’s innovative memory capabilities. It is designed to hold on to precious moments and vital data on an immense scale.”

Justin Hume, director for integrated mobility at Samsung South Africa

With from 256GB to 512GB internal storage, and expandable to an extra 1TB with an external microSD card on the Galaxy Note10+, users have room for more music, photography, movies and mails than on any previous device. Even the smaller Note10 offers 256GB of storage. The Galaxy Note10 can be used with two SIM cards at once, meaning users can be twice as connected with the one device. The Galaxy Note10+ offers a Hybrid SIM port, so one can either add an extra SIM card or a microSD card, depending on one’s needs.

Of course, storing and using all this data also has to be considered. The powerful Note10 series handles streaming, gaming or downloading at high speeds while multitasking, thanks to an intelligent processor that preloads frequently used apps for a fast launch.

According to Hume, with Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, Samsung has designed a mobile experience that’s like a computer, a gaming console and a professional camera, all in one device. 
“It’s a powerhouse – a fortress for the data you want to keep. The power to save the world is in your hands.”