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Hey Meta! Check out these smart glasses

The next generation of AI-powered Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses promise better camera and audio quality, water resistance, and longer battery, among others.

The next generation of AI-powered Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses promise better camera and audio quality, water resistance, and longer battery, among others.

Meta, in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, unveiled the latest iteration of its smart glasses, the Ray-Ban Meta collection, at last week’s Meta Connect event. The next-generation smart glasses promise an array of improvements and innovative features, representing a significant evolution from their predecessor. 

Here are the key takeaways:

Audio and camera enhancements: One of the standout improvements in this new generation is the audio quality. Equipped with custom-designed speakers, the Ray-Ban Meta glasses offer extended bass, higher maximum volume, and improved directional audio, which significantly reduces audio leakage, providing users with a superior audio experience even in noisy or windy environments. For video recording, a newly designed five-microphone array ensures immersive audio capture from various angles. An ultra-wide 12 MP camera offers improved photo and video quality, capable of capturing 1080p videos for up to 60 seconds.

Hands-free livestreaming and Meta AI: The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses allow users to livestream directly to Facebook or Instagram. Users can view comments on their livestream previews or hear them aloud by tapping and holding on the side of the glasses. The integration of Meta AI, the advanced conversational assistant from Meta, enables users to interact with their glasses through voice commands, simply by saying “Hey Meta”, and enables functions like sharing photos via a simple voice command. This feature will be available in beta exclusively in the United States at launch.

Advanced features and enhanced design: The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have been redesigned to address user feedback and capitalise on their existing strengths. These smart glasses boast over 150 custom frame and lens combinations, allowing users to personalise their look. The glasses come in both the classic Wayfarer style and a new Headliner design for those seeking a more retro appearance, with colour options including matte black, and shiny black. Being newly introduced are three transparent frame colours in rebel black, jeans, and caramel. The glasses are prescription-lens compatible.

Powerful processing and sleek charging: Under the hood, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Platform, delivering superior photo and video processing and faster computing capabilities. The glasses come with a redesigned, more compact charging case, providing a total usage time of 36 hours.

Improved comfort and water resistance: The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have undergone a transformation to make them lighter and more comfortable for extended use. They are now water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, offering durability against the elements. The touchpad has been improved for enhanced responsiveness, and interaction earcons have been added for faster and more reliable command recognition.

Availability and pricing: The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are available for pre-order starting at $299 USD. Pre-orders can be placed on the official Meta website ( and the Ray-Ban website ( The glasses are set to hit online and retail stores for purchase on 17 October 2023.

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses represent an advancement in wearable technology, combining style and functionality in a sleek and user-friendly package. With enhanced audio and camera capabilities, improved comfort, and innovative features like hands-free livestreaming and Meta AI integration, these glasses aim to redefine the smart eyewear experience.

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