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Signals fights SMS fraud

“SMS pumping” results in many businesses spending much of their budget on fraudulent texting traffic.  

“SMS pumping” results in many businesses spending much of their budget on fraudulent texting traffic.  

The rise of bots inflating SMS traffic and creating fake accounts has become a rising concern. To solve this issue, global cloud communications platformInfobip has introduced Signals, a solution designed to combat the problems caused by “SMS pumping”.Fraudsters choose a business that sends OTPs over SMS to its customers. A fraudster typically signs up to a service or account that requires 2FA, or otherwise generates a OTP or link for the user for security/authentication. If the web form doesn’t have enough controls built in, the attacker can enter premium rate numbers, which generate funds for them and the relevant mobile network operator (MNO). 

They begin to send fake OTP requests with a string of similar numbers to attack the business. It looks like it is getting genuine OTP requests from users, when in reality a large portion of this traffic is illegitimate. In the end, the business is paying for fake traffic. 

SMS pumping isn’t always easy to detect, and many businesses continue to spend the majority of their budget on fraudulent traffic without noticing.  

Infobip Signals employs machine learning to automatically detect and block fraudulent traffic without any interventions from the business. This tool is vital for brands that want to protect their financial resources and maintain a genuine user base by preventing fake accounts that can harm their value.

“In an ecosystem where every active user counts, and brand integrity is a priority, Infobip Signals is our answer to ensuring businesses can thrive without the burden of SMS fraud,” says Adrian Benic, chief product officer of Infobip. “This is not just about financial security; it’s about upholding the genuine value of every brand.”

 Infobip Signals is available for global adoption now. 

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