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LG brings new sound bars to SA 

The much-anticipated flagship model, the LG S95QR, will lead the charge.

Global electronics brand LG says its new range of sound bars will arrive in South Africa this month. 

The premium audio products include the much-anticipated flagship model, the LG S95QR.

Its list of sound-enhancing features is long: 9.1.5 channel audio, 810W of power, triple up-firing channels, as well as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced for a cinematic experience. 

LG says it’’s the world’s first sound bar to feature a centre up-firing driver – promising immersive audio with crystal-clear voices and a wider soundstage. The up-firing channels send audio above and around you, so you feel at the centre of the sound. Partner this with the high-resolution audio of Meridian sound technology and it produces realistic, undistorted surround sound, even at high volumes.

The system includes two 3-way rear up-firing speakers and a powerful subwoofer. The 3-way rear speaker kit delivers 6 channels of sound and offers a wider soundstage, with sound covering an impressive 135 degrees. 

The wireless subwoofer and larger built-in woofer have no trouble hitting those low notes thanks to increased volume, sound pressure, and bass quality transmitted over longer distances. You’ll feel and hear stronger, deeper, more resonant bass in songs and movies.

The LG S95QR Sound Bar will retail for R22,999.

The LG S95QR will be joined by three other sound bars launching in South Africa in March. The S75Q and S65Q both offer a fully immersive experience thanks to high-resolution sound audio. Meridian Sound Technology takes your music enjoyment to the next level and an AI processor analyses the content you love to deliver clearer, better sound.  

The 380W S75Q Sound Bar with 3.1.2 channel audio breathes life into every piece of music thanks to two up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers. These up-firing speakers provide jaw-dropping surround sound and a full audio performance, with sound travelling up and around the room. They’re designed to wow and change the way you experience movies, series, games, and so much more.

The 420W S65Q Sound Bar with 3.1 channel audio is great for movie watching and listening to music.   

The LG S75Q Sound Bar will retail for R8,999.

The LG S65Q Sound Bar will retail for R6,999.

The LG SQC1 Sound Bar is a great option for spaces that require something compact. But it still packs a powerful punch. This 160W speaker offers rich sound in a compact body. Thanks to an impressive wireless subwoofer, you’ll also enjoy superb bass without the wires.  

The LG SQC1 Sound Bar will retail for R2,999.

LG sound bars are designed to match and enhance your LG TV. But whether you connect one of these sound bars to an LG TV or another device, they’re guaranteed to provide a fully immersive audio experience.

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