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‘Jerusalema’ singer drops new single

Nomcebo Zikode’s new song, ‘iZono Zami’ , features traditional SA sounds with modern beats.

South African singer/songwriter Nomcebo Zikode, the Grammy Award winner is best-known for her vocals on Jerusalema, has released a new single titled iZono ZamiJerusalema created a dance sensation around the world and, in 2020, was one of the most searched-for songs on Shazam, an app that identifies songs by listening to a short sample. SHe won the Grammy jointly with Zakes Bantwini and Wouter Kellerman for Bayethe.

The new song, iZono Zami, translates to “my sins” and speaks about her journey through spirituality, humanity’s vulnerabilities, and the enduring faith in “uBaba – our spiritual guide”. Unlike iNkanyezi, which celebrated love and partnership, iZono Zami delves into themes that deliver a message of hope and resilience.

The song features Nomcebo’s raw honesty as a songwriter along with a rhythmic beat and uplifting lyrics. She blends traditional South African sounds with modern beats.

“I have always been an artist who is honest and transparent about my vulnerabilities,” says Zikode. “While I am someone who is known for my deep spirituality, I also experience challenges and problems like everyone else. I get frustrated, I sin, I am not perfect.

“What keeps me going is my unwavering faith in God, and if I have one wish, it’s that this single gives listeners across the world hope and belief that things will get better if you lean on Him. When the music comes from your heart, people don’t have to understand each and every word for them to resonate with it. With iZono Zami we will be spreading more love and healing to the world.”

The new song offers a glimpse into Zikode’s personal journey of self-actualisation and mental well-being.

“iZono Zami is also a prelude to my upcoming album. This will be my gift to the world. Like so many of us, I have been through so much over these last few years, and truly believe that music is what helped me in my times of need. I want this album to heal people when they need something to inspire them to try again.”

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