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Skate away and hook fish in new game

In ‘Skate Fish’, one controls their character’s skateboarding skills to impress and catch different fish.

Skate Fish blends the thrill of adrenaline-fueled skateboarding with the tranquillity of fishing. In this mobile game, players manoeuvre their character’s skateboard to impress fish. Once these aquatic spectators are sufficiently impressed by one’s skateboarding skills, players are rewarded with the chance to catch them.

Players use two-finger touch controls to maneuverer the skateboard, akin to finger boarding. This allows them to execute flips, grind ledges, and perform various tricks.

The game features three unique locations, each with its own discerning marine creatures to impress. Some of the catchable fish include Bluegill, Redfin Shiner, and Walleye. Once a fish is caught, it is added to the local aquarium.

The game features customisability options for one’s character, and fishing rod. One can also modify their skateboard’s deck, trucks, and tape.

Skate Fish is developed by Sudden Event Studios and published by White Thorn Games. It releases on IOS and Android devices this Thursday (28 March 2024).

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