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Introducing Servi – a robot restaurant runner

Bear Robotics and Softbank have shown off a new robot that assists waiting staff with running food to customers while they take orders from other customers.



Bear Robotics, a robotics and artificial intelligence company, and SoftBank Robotics Group, a leading robotics manufacturer and solutions provider, have collaborated to bring a new robot named Servi to the food service and hospitality field.  

This partnership has brought together Bear Robotics’ unrivaled robotics technology and SoftBank Robotics Group’s vast experience in developing and commercialising service robots. It is best known for producing Pepper, a robot used widely in food and financial services. Working together has allowed both companies to meet skyrocketing demand for these autonomous indoor robots in restaurants and other dining venues. 

Servi has been developed to be a new member of the food service workforce to assist staff and elevate the overall customer experience. Servi’s agility and object detection put its safety in a class of its own.  

This has resulted in significant interest from the hospitality market in Japan, Korea, and the United States. Servi comes with additional features like bussing, drink delivery, and patrol mode. This will allow restaurant and dining hall owners to maximize their operating efficiency, while also elevating service quality to customers. 

The new service robot will be released in Japan in January, and can be leased for around $950 per month on a three year plan.