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IFA 2022: Nokia goes eco-friendly

During the IFA expo in Berlin this week, Nokia maker HMD unveiled Circular, a sustainability-geared subscription service, along with four new devices

This week the maker of Nokia handsets, HMD Global, unveiled four new devices, including the most eco-friendly smartphone yet and a subscription service that rewards users the longer they keep their devices.

During the IFA expo currently running in Berlin, a new tablet and three new Nokia smartphones were launched across X, G and C-series. These are the Nokia X30, Nokia G60, Nokia C31 and Nokia T21, along with new eco-friendly accessories.

The new devices include HMD’s most eco-friendly smartphone yet, Nokia X30, made with 100% recycled aluminium and 65% recycled plastic. It also uses more responsible packaging.

“We want people to keep their phones for longer and this can be seen across three areas,” says Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global. “We have introduced Circular, a truly circular subscription model that rewards people who extend the lifecycle of their phones. We build our devices with more recycled materials and continue to boost our longevity heritage with software and security updates. And we are working hard to live this approach as a company, with our business-wide sustainability pledges that show our commitment to continue to work harder to protect tomorrow.”

Circular aims to minimise the negative impact phone ownership can have on the planet by keeping smartphones and tablets out of landfills and giving them a second life. Within the subscription model, Nokia devices go through recycling, refurbishing and re-subscribing or they go to a charitable cause. Any accidental damage, loss, or theft is taken care of without a separate monthly cost, and a quick replacement is arranged if needed. 

Nokia provided the following information on its new devices:

Nokia X30 delivers our smallest eco-footprint yet and our best-ever PureView photography experience 

Nokia X30 is built with a 100% recycled aluminium frame and a 65% recycled plastic back, making it our most eco-friendly smartphone, right down to the box. Using 100% FSC-certified and 70% recycled paper boxes at a reduced packaging size saves on transportation CO2 emissions, made possible by removing the charger to tackle e-waste. 

With zero compromises on the phone’s performance, Nokia X30 comes with premium features including our best photo experience to date. The 50MP PureView camera uses Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and AI to capture stunning ultra-wide angles and vibrant nighttime shots. The camera is protected by scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass with DX+ that lets 98% of all light reach the large sensor and content is brought to life on the 6.43” PureDisplay with bright colours and smooth viewing.

Nokia G60 brings sustainability through longevity to as many people as possible

Sustainably crafted with 100% recycled plastic back and 60% recycled plastic frame, Nokia G60 brings X-series longevity to the G-series for the first time. Helping people keep their phones for longer, comes with the ‘3-3-3’ promise – three years of Android OS upgrades, three years of monthly security updates, and an extended three-year warranty at no extra cost. Complete with a 6.58” FHD+ 120Hz display for super-smooth scrolling and a 50MP AI triple camera, Nokia G60 makes premium experiences more accessible.

Nokia C31 is the new C-series hero delivering on durability with a long-lasting three-day battery life

Nokia C31 is the latest smartphone from the popular C-series. It brings signature durability, an improved 6.7” HD+ display, and long-lasting three-day battery life with AI-powered battery-saving features. Plus, it comes with the latest Android OS, triple rear and selfie cameras powered by Camera by Google, and improved protection with dust and moisture resistance. Guaranteed two years of regular security updates bring maximum security and superior durability with IP52 protection from one of the toughest manufacturing standards in the world – all at an ultra-affordable price point, perfect for introducing anyone to the world of smartphones.

Nokia T21 is a reliable, family-friendly powerhouse that is built to last

Designed with a tough body made with aluminium that features a 60% recycled plastic cover for the antenna, the new Nokia T21 brings all the durability and promises you would expect from a Nokia tablet. Two years of Android OS software upgrades ensure it remains fresh on the inside as well. Industry-leading protection with up to three years of monthly security updates make it perfect for the entire family. Building on the success of its predecessor, it’s loaded with fan-requested features, such as HD video streaming, voice calling and NFC payment capability. 

NFC will help your business with payments and scan NFC tags, while Second Screen will allow you to expand and control your Windows PC. And if you’re feeling creative, sketch out your ideas, jot down notes or draw your next masterpiece with an active pen.

New Nokia audio accessories join the sustainability journey

Bringing reliable sound on the go, the new, fully waterproof Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2 comes with a 100% recycled outer design and a whopping 22-hour battery life.

The new Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro come in a charging case made with 100% recycled plastic and deliver a rich, uninterrupted audio experience with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling.
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