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IFA 2019: Guidewatch launches first GPS 3.0 watch

At IFA today, start-up onTracks is introducing a smartwatch GPS innovation: the ability to go anywhere in the world and navigate without having to stop to look at a smartphone.

The device, consisting of two watches, uses a vibration system that allows users to move by telling them whether to turn right or left. Once the route is programmed into the onTracks application, users no longer need their smartphones. A vibration on the user’s right or left wrist will indicate which direction they need to take. The system operates using a Bluetooth connection between the GuideWatches and the user’s smartphone.

First designed to allow runners, hikers, and cyclists to follow their route without having to stop, Philippe Leca, founder of onTracks, quickly realised that the GuideWatches could also improve the experiences of motorcyclists and tourists as well. For the sportsman, the motorcyclist or the traveler, onTracks adapts to various profiles .

OnTracks has developed three products that are being presented at IFA this week: 

  • The Active package for athletes, 
  • The Mobile package for motorcyclists, and 
  • The Nomad package for tourists. 

The GuideWatches of the Active package are available with a classic wristband as well as a sports wristband that helps for a better fit. They are equipped with a sensor that monitors the user’s physical activity live: heart rate, speed, and distance traveled.

They also have an SOS function which is particularly useful for indicating a user’s position in the event of running or cycling in an isolated area. The Mobile package has been designed to offer maximum safety to users when traveling by bike or motorcycle. The GuideWatches allow users to navigate without having to take their eyes from the road to look at a GPS. Accessories for the integration of the watches with motorcycle gloves and bike gloves will also be offered in addition to the package. 

The Nomad package allows users to discover new cities, regions or monuments without having an itinerary. The user has access to thousands of routes offered by the onTracks community and can also decide to create their own routes within the application itself. The GuideWatches will also indicate tourist spots and points of interest along the chosen route.

The three packages are already available for pre-orders online at the site and the first deliveries are scheduled for the end of September. The products are priced as follows (including VAT): 219€ for the Active package, 199€ for the Mobile package and 179€ for the Nomad package.

GuideWatches will be available to experience at the onTracks stand in Hall 26, Stand 380, at IFA Berlin from 6 to 11 September.

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