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Iconic Engine’s Holometric 4D Cinema Chair

This cinema chair claims to be the world’s first fully turnkey, comprehensive solution that augments extended reality (XR) experiences – that’s virtual reality, augmented reality, force feedback and 4D movement – on-location.

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Iconic Engine’s Holometric 4D Cinema Offerings Include:

  • The Holometric Chair is the first 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DOF), haptic motion chair in the world with built-in smart technology, connecting to remote services in real-time. It is capable of generating complex haptic feedback – via a variety of haptic sensors and sonic devices – to deliver a deeper level of immersion for the consumer.
  • A proprietary content management system (CMS) allowing for near-unlimited distribution and expansion for regional and global enterprises (theme parks, cinemas, cruise lines, airlines, retail, special events, film festivals and more). The CMS claims to be reliable, cloud-based and data-rich and is being used in XR initiatives of many global telecommunication companies.
  • – A proprietary theatre management system called the Holometric Entertainment Platform (HEP), which allows exhibitors and operators to manage many aspects of their XR businesses. This includes management of the chairs, ticket sales, content exhibition, among others.
  • A rich library of premium content focused on immersive cinematic experiences and interactive from numerous partners such as:
    • Construct – from Nozon VR studio & PresenZ technology (Volumetric Movie Format)
    • Trinity VR – from UNLTD
    • Vestige – from Other Set / RYOT / Atlas V / NSC Creative
    • The Atomic Tree / Sanctuaries of Silence – from Go Project Films
    • Borderline – from Assaf Machnes
    • Overview A Walk Through the Universe – from Orbital Views
    • EDEN: Drugs – from Rylan Soref / Craig Bernard / SAMO
    • Immersive Combat – from Spherica
    • RONE – from Studio Bento
    • Artificial World – from Bas Jansen


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