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Huawei unveils its first open-ear earbuds

The FreeClip was showcased at the Huawei Innovative Product Launch event in Dubai.

Huawei last night unveiled the FreeClip, a pair of fashionable earbuds with an open ear design, among a range of products at the Huawei Innovative Product Launch event, themed “Creation of Beauty”, in Dubai. 

This latest product launch follows in the footsteps of a “Fashion Forward” event in October, which saw the unveiling of a new line up of wearable products.

“Technology can be a canvas for creativity,” said Pablo Ning, president of Huawei consumer cloud service global ecosystem development and sales department. “With the Huawei FreeClip, we are bringing style to wearable audio tech, turning them into a fashion statement. It is the result of Huawei’s continuous research and investment in creating groundbreaking innovations.”

The FreeClip, Huawei’s first open-ear earbuds, combine wireless audio and a chic design in a versatile device, that could easily be mistaken for jewellery. 

Now users can enjoy the comfort of open-ear listening and express their personal style at the same time. Thanks to the innovative C-bridge Design, they fit snugly along the curvature of the ear. The C-bridge Design is the centrepiece of the FreeClip and acts as the earbuds’ clip and the connector between the acoustic and battery units. 

The FreeClip’s design is based on data from research done on the ears of over 10,000 people, leading to a refined micron-level ergonomic design that has undergone over 25,000 reliability tests. The result is that the earbuds stay in place even during the most intense physical activities. 

The FreeClip’s open-ear listening technology delivers clear and immersive sound without blocking ambient noise. To minimise sound leakage and ensure privacy, the earbuds use a reverse sound wave system that intelligently adjusts the volume and cancels the sound waves that “leak” out of the earbuds.

The earbuds come in a shell-shaped charging case that has a pearlescent sheen and a smooth stone-like texture, offering a comfortable grip and a unique aesthetic that blends simplicity and elegance. With the charging case, the FreeClip boasts a total music playback time of 36 hours. If the battery runs low, users can quickly charge the earbuds for 10 minutes and enjoy three hours of listening.

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