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Heroland opens preorders for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Xseed Games has announced that preorders for Heroland, a quirky and cute RPG (role-playing game) set in a theme park, will open soon for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Click below to watch the trailer and to read about the game.



Set for a Q3 of 2019 launch, the physical Heroland “Knowble Edition” will be available for preorder for $49.99 at the Xseed Games Store and other participating retailers. 

Heroland is a 2D RPG (role-playing game) about a theme park where guests can explore dungeons, beat up baddies, and become legendary heroes—while the player assists from the sidelines as a tour guide. Released in Japan as WORK x WORK and created by key developers from Mother 3Legend of Mana, and Fantasy Life, this tale of princes and pixels is told by over 20 quirky characters with a new take on classic-RPG-style combat.

This will be the only retail version available at launch, while the digital standalone edition will sell for $39.99 on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store.

The Heroland “Knowble Edition” is packed with everything a tourist-turned-hero needs for adventuring and battling baddies in a theme park, housed in a custom box including:

  • Physical copy of Heroland for Nintendo Switch or PS4 system
  • 10.5” x 6” drawstring pouch
  • Musical Selections CD
  • 14” x 20” theme park-style folded map
  • Sumo wrestling papercraft