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Wheels of the Week: Back with a vengeance

The most important adventure is the one you create, so grab your metaphorical keys and see where the Suzuki Grand Vitara GL A/T takes you, writes SHERYL GOLDSTUCK.

The GL’s exterior is like a chameleon on espresso. It has got the sleek curves and sharp lines of a city dweller, but the raised stance and rugged grille hint at hidden off-road ambitions.

The dashboard is like a well-organised filing cabinet – everything is in its place, easy to find, and no unnecessary frills. The infotainment system is basic but has everything I needed for short or long road trips. Connection to Bluetooth is simple and works immediately. Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is connected with a data cable, and it just works. The screen size of the infotainment system is not going to be competing with any movie screen, but it is big enough to show clear mapping. The picture and sound is clear. A favourite of mine is the split screen, so I can see where I am going while knowing what music I am listening to.

Passengers get ample legroom and headroom, perfect for entertaining the little adventurers or taller friends. The seats are basic but comfortable with the neck rest in just the right position.

The engine is like your grandma’s favourite cardigan – reliable, comfortable, but not exactly setting any speed records. It handles daily commutes with aplomb. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly. Think of it as a marathon runner, not a sprinter. No racing with this Grand Vitara. Fuel efficiency is impressive, which means more money for that next adventure. Open road driving gave 6.7L/100km and in town driving 7.1L/100km.

Weaving through city traffic feels like a game of “follow the leader.” The steering is light and responsive, making tight corners a breeze. The high seating position gives you a commanding view of the road, perfect for spotting sneaky jaywalkers or escaping rogue shopping carts.

This Suzuki awakens when you leave the tarmac behind. The GL boasts a ground clearance that would make a jacked-up pickup truck jealous, letting you tackle light and wet trails with confidence.

The Suzuki Grand Vitara GL A/T is like a Swiss Army knife for budget-conscious adventurers. It offers decent fuel economy, comfortable city driving, and surprising off-road capability for its price tag.

Pricing for the Suzuki Grand Vitara GL A/T starts at R368,900.

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