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Gizzu banks your
power at home

The Gizzu 30w mini DC UPS power bank promises to keep Wi-Fi and fibre going during load shedding, writes ANGELIQUE MOGOTLANE.

What is it?

Living in South Africa calls for identifying ways to try to preserve energy and win the ongoing load shedding conflict. Owning a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) power bank is a cost-effective backup alternative to solar, generators, or inverters.

Gizzu has a 30W Mini DC 38Wh UPS that Syntech distributes in SA and is designed to power smaller devices when load shedding kicks in. It functions as a backup power bank with a 30W output specifically for small electronic devices such as Wi-Fi, fibre routers, smartphones, tablets, LED lights, and portable fans. 

It uses lithium ion batteries, which keeps battery life longer, and has a battery capacity of 104 mAh. The UPS has safeguards such as over-charge prevention that make sure the battery doesn’t charge over its maximum voltage limit, which is crucial for the security and lifetime functioning of electronic devices and batteries.These features ensure that the devices like Wi-Fi routers last longer and deliver to their optimum level.

The mini power station can be used at home or in the office. It features an innovative protective design to keep it from getting harmed, and is very lightweight and portable.

The UPS was easy to set up, and powered a number of devices during power outages. With its 104 mAh capacity and two voltage DC outlets, it was able to simultaneously keep two phones and a W-Ffi router charged. The Wi-Fi was able to run for 3 hours and use up to 10W.

It took my phone 30 mins to charge from 50% to its maximum. 

What does it cost?

It retails for R1,051 on Takealot

What does it matter?

Unexpected power outages and sudden power losses are extremely prevalent this winter, even with load shedding having been scaled back recently. A battery power backup is a must-have, if you live in South Africa. UPSs are essential because they keep Wi-Fi routers on and also preserve electrical equipment. When power goes off, they immediately kick in and guarantee uninterrupted functioning, uninterrupted internet connectivity and reducing productivity losses.

What are the biggest negatives?

  • It does not support solar charging.
  • You can only plug in limited devices that do not exceed 30W

What are the biggest positives?

  • Provides emergency power supply
  • The Mini DC 38Wh UPS charges fast, and it has a long lasting battery. 
  • It can power Wi-Fi for up to 6 hours and it takes less time to charge. 
  • Very lightweight, at 450 grams
  • It comes with all the required connectivity cables, in different sizes. 
  • You can power cctv cameras with an estimated run time of 3 hours.
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