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Get more from your BBM

BlackBerry Buddies provides us with a few tips on how to get the most out of BBM.

BlackBerry Buddies are a dedicated team of people who are there to help you use your BlackBerry smartphone more efficiently and to advise you of the latest BlackBerry developments.

Here are a few top tips you can start taking advantage of today.

1. BBM Connected Apps

BBM connected apps allow you to update your BBM profile with info such as your high score in your favourite game or to chat with your contacts via from within an app.

You can view BBM-connected apps for download by pressing the Menu Key and selecting Explore BBM Connected Apps. An app that can connect with BBM will ask for permission when you start it for the first time.

To view apps and games you’ve connected with BBM:

1. Press the menu key and select ‚”Options‚”

2. Under BBM connected applications select ‚”Edit‚”

All the BBM-connected apps that have been enabled will show in this list. You can edit the connection settings or disconnect the app from BBM.

2. Use Pictures to get the message across

Sometimes a picture is more eloquent than a thousand words. To share a picture with a BBM contact, take a new picture or select an existing one, and then:

1. While viewing a picture press the Menu key

2. Select ‚”Send‚” and then choose BBM Contact 3. Select a BBM contact and then choose ‚”Send‚”.

3. Share from anywhere

You can share info such as tweets and web page links with your BBM contacts. To send a link from a Web page, for example, press the Menu Key and select ‚”Send Page Address‚” followed by ‚”BBM Chat‚”. You can then choose which contacts or groups you’d like to share the link with.

4. Add a Text Message Contact to BBM

Communicate with friends using BBM and SMS from one location by adding someone who uses SMS text messaging to your BBM contact list:

1. Open BBM, press Menu and select ‚”Invite to BBM‚”

2. Select ‚”Add a contact to text within BBM‚”

3. Enter the contact’s information

4. Select ‚”Add Contact‚”.

5. Share Your Barcode

Make it easier for others to add you to their BBM contact list by sharing your barcode. From BBM, open your profile and select ‚”Show‚”, then select ‚”Save Barcode Image‚”. Transfer it to your PC, and then add it your email signature or social network profile. You can even print it on posters, banners, business cards and advertisements.

BlackBerry Buddies

Should you need help with any of these BBM functions, please ask BlackBerry Buddies for support.

The BlackBerry Buddies are at designated stands in the following shopping centres:

• Sandton City Johannesburg

• Menlyn Park Pretoria

• Mimosa Mall Bloemfontein

• Canal Walk Cape Town

• Gateway Shopping Centre Durban

Alternatively, you can visit the BlackBerry Buddies site at for answers to questions, tips and tricks, general technical solutions, software update information and much more.


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