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Join the flipside with Galaxy Z trade-in offer

A guaranteed R15,000 back on old Samsung handsets brings the Flip or Fold within reach of those with tighter budgets.

Whether you have a taste for foldable phones or want to try something new, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 make a strong case for your next handset. When we tested the latter, it proved to be a productivity powerhouse with its expansive open screen.

The user of a Galaxy foldable phone is in effect telling the world that they are a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to try new things. In short, they thrive on the edge of a revolution in form factors, and want to use technology to maximise both fun and practicality.

Finding a phone that provides a perfect balance of great innovation, convenience, and affordability can be tricky, however – especially the affordability part. Now, thanks to a Samsung trade-in offer, it has become far easier to change one’s game.

Samsung’s trade-in offer for the Galaxy Z Flip5 or Z Fold5 allows users to trade in their old phones and get a guaranteed R15,000 back (terms and conditions apply). This deal is a remarkable opportunity as it allows smartphone enthusiasts to gain access to cutting-edge mobile innovation.

The deal is the biggest trade-in offer yet from Samsung, with the tech giant committed to making it easier for users to experience the latest in mobile technology without breaking the bank.

“The affordability aspect of Samsung’s trade-in offer is perhaps its most compelling feature,” says Kgomotso Mosiane, head of marketing for mobile experience at Samsung. “Smartphones, especially flagship models like these ones, can be costly, however, Samsung is flipping the script by allowing customers to offset the cost by trading in their old devices. 

“This not only helps reduce the upfront cost but also offers ongoing savings on monthly contracts. This offer bears testament to our commitment to providing the latest technology to consumers with relative ease. So don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your mobile experience.”

How it works – 3 easy steps

Samsung provided the following information:

When you have a qualifying phone and opt for the trade-in offer, you’ll have extra money in your pocket to enjoy other things in life. Depending on your device eligibility, you have the option to get R15,000 guaranteed value cash back or a reduction in your monthly contract payments. A customer can trade in their eligible device as long as it switches on without being connected to a power source. This can be done at Samsung stores as well as participating operators and retailers.

In these three easy steps, you can get your hands on the phone you want: Select the phone you want. Trade in your old device. Answer a few questions.

Samsung has streamlined the trade-in process to make it easier than ever before to trade in the phone you have for the Galaxy Z series phone you want. Once your old device is assessed, you’ll receive the agreed-upon benefit, which can be applied directly to your new Galaxy Z series purchase. Over and above the convenience and cost savings, trading in your old smartphone is an environmentally responsible choice, as it reduces electronic waste by giving your old device a new life.

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