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Fujifilm X-T30 – A videographer’s dream

The Fujifilm X-T30 packs high-quality, colour-accurate 4K video recording in an impressive mirrorless camera, writes BRYAN TURNER.

Fujifilm’s X-series cameras have received a mighty mid-range player: the X-T30. This camera packs impressive capabilities, like a flip-out viewfinder and smooth 4K/30 frames per second (fps) video recording.

The camera’s chassis is mostly metal, which is highly unusual for cameras in the sub-R15k camera. The front of the body features faux leather; a trend which many other electronics manufacturers like Huawei are starting to follow because of its premium feel. It’s quite compact for an SLR camera, thanks to a mirrorless internal configuration.

The X-T30 shares a sensor and processor with the higher-end X-T3, which is a 26MP sensor that shoots some of the most colour accurate pictures on the market. The X-Processor 4 also adds a lot of processing muscle to this camera, with a shooting mode that allows for more pictures to the taken in a burst shot and 4K video recording higher frame rate.

The improved processor also allows for accurate auto-focus with subject detection. In most portrait scenarios, a face is the focus of the picture and the fast face-detection makes it a lot easier to have a higher quality point-and-shoot experience. The joystick on the front allows the photographer to cycle through faces in the frame to ensure the right face is in focus.

For those who prefer a more advanced experience, there is a manual focus mode. The three settings dials on the top of the camera make for an intuitive photography experience. What’s becoming more apparent when using new X-series cameras is the intuitive layout of buttons and dials, so photographers can focus on the photos and not worry about turning the wrong dials and pressing the wrong buttons.

The left side function dial is for the various camera modes, ranging from panorama to video. The middle dial is for setting the shutter speeds, with a flip switch to the side of it to enable an auto shutter speed function. The right side function dial is for exposure adjustment, which can be adjusted to suit the current setting.

Images taken with the camera are vibrant and pack plenty detail in a JPEG. This camera shines in RAW photography, where it takes sharp photos at low ISO of 160. The combination of innovative sensor technology with a strong processor make the X-T30 of the best quality cameras for professionals. The images below were taken on a cloudy day. No processing has been performed on the images afterwards.

Video quality is excellent, especially considering where it sits in its price range. The 4K resolution setting shoots at a smooth 30 fps. This is ideal for content creators wanting to make videos for the ever-increasing demand for 4K content. The camera has a 2.5mm jack for external microphones that enables direct sound recording to the video, and includes internal stereo microphones for accurate stereo recording if external microphones are not available. Overall, it’s unlikely that a videographer will get better video quality in this price range.

A huge convenience point is the USB Type-C port, which is USB Power Delivery (PD) enabled. This means a photographer on the go will most likely be able to charge the camera with the same charging cable as their phone. Power banks with USB PD also enable this camera to shoot long beyond the range of the internal battery.

As with the other recently launched X-series cameras, it features smartphone connectivity functionality. The camera pairs with a Fujifilm smartphone app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and sends pictures to the smartphone’s gallery. This enables faster social sharing, compared to connecting the camera to a computer and importing the images. Larger video files will have to be transferred via USB or by putting the SD card into the target device.

Overall, the camera is great for professional photographers and videographers seeking the best 4K recording experience in the mid price range.

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