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Freud’s Bones debuts on Steam

Freud’s Bones is a narrative adventure game on Steam on the controversial founder of psychoanalysis

Fortuna Imperatore known as Axel Fox announces a new update to her award-winning debut project, Freud’s Bones, which is live on Steam. The Narrative Adventure submerging players in the psyche of the Father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, is officially available in English and will be on a 30% sale on Steam.

Cramped and dusty, Freud’s office is the daily theatre of fluid life, patients sprawling on his infamous couch in search of a remedy that will free them from the poisons of the unconscious. Dr Freud, however, also has family ties: a wife who is weary of her husband’s blues, a rebellious daughter, and an empathetic sister-in-law, all of which, shall put Freud’s sanity to the test.

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