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Fortnite returns with a bang

Fortnite players rejoice as the black hole that swallowed their game has been closed and the second chapter has started, with new locations and improved gameplay features, writes BRYAN TURNER



Fortnite has returned for a second chapter, after dramatically closing the game for major updates to the game, with all gameplay being sucked into an online black hole. It seems like Epic Games has revamped the gameplay of the battle royale game, which now includes a new map, updated skins, new locations, and the ability to swim.

The online game was closed for nearly a day while Epic Games upgraded its services. When players logged on, they were greeted with a spinning black hole, which signalled the massive update. Now, the black hole has closed and the second chapter can begin. From analysing the trailer video, we have been able to outline what will excite players for the new season of Fortnite.

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