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Escape a maze drawn by a robot (from home)

The team behind the Scribit robot has teamed up with popular puzzle author to draw a robotic maze for the Scribit robot on a wall at home.



Write&erase robot Scribit, one of Time’s Best Inventions of the Year, has teamed up with Dr Gareth Moore, the British author of over 100 best-selling international puzzle and brain-training titles, to launch a series of Robotic Labyrinths that can be drawn and played on a wall at home. 

The collaboration aims to bring creative pastimes to fight boredom during the lockdown. The content is now available to users for download now. It is the newest challenge on Scribit among a series of puzzles specifically created for the pandemic period. 

Scribit is the world’s first write&erase robot that can turn any vertical surface into a canvas to display visual content. Functioning as a “printer for walls”, Scribit allows users to instantly personalize a vertical plane. 

At a time when schools and businesses around the world are being shut down, Internet activities and sales of board games and jigsaw puzzles – an increase of 240% over the last weeks in the UK – have spiked as a spontaneous reaction to social distancing.  

The Scribit Original with Dr Moore continues its collaboration with various leading puzzle champions and authors to bring an entertaining alternative to screen addiction and passive hobbies while we are forced to stay at home.  

Dr Moore is a leading author of puzzles who has worked with a wide range of publishers. He is also the creator of – a cutting-edge brain-training site offering scientifically designed daily sessions to help people make the most of their brains. Every puzzle he crafts has a different solution that can be reached by a reasonable logical deduction.  

For Scribit, Dr Moore creates a special Labyrinth Puzzle developed as a round-shaped maze to be drawn by Scribit on any vertical surface. Players can use a Scribit marker to find their escape. The game can be solved by one or more players challenging each other to find the shortest route through the Labyrinth.  

The collaboration with Dr Moore is the latest of a series of puzzles developed to help turn the lockdown into an opportunity to appreciate the slowness of stay-at-home life. In April 2020, Scribit also launched a Wall Sudoku developed with Thomas Snyder, aka Dr. Sudoku.