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EcoFlow launches
mid-year sale in SA

Coinciding with the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, the power backup leader’s campaign aims to score uninterrupted entertainment.

EcoFlow, a leading provider of eco-friendly energy solutions, announces its highly anticipated Mid-Year Sale.The event begins on June 14th and continues until June 28th. It promises to offer South Africa customers discounts on a range of EcoFlow’s most popular products.

The Mid-Year Sale coincides with the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, ensuring fans can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with reliable and sustainable power solutions. EcoFlow’s innovative portable power stations are designed to power almost any home appliance, from TVs and microwaves to refrigerators, making them an essential addition to any household, not only during periods of loadshedding but also on a daily basis to help save on energy bills.

The sale will feature exclusive deals for products and combos, providing even greater value to customers. The promotion includes, but is not limited to:

River Pro & 160W Portable Solar Panel: Originally priced at R21,998, this combo enjoys a 55% discount during the Mid-Year Sale, bringing the price down to R9,999. The River Pro is a versatile power station with a 720Wh capacity, capable of powering up to 10 devices simultaneously. Paired with the 160W portable solar panel, it ensures you have a sustainable power source on hand, perfect for outdoor adventures or emergency backup.

Delta 2 Max & 400W Portable Solar Panel: This combo, originally priced at R46,998, is now available with a 36% discount, reducing the price to R29,999. The Delta 2 Max boasts a 2016Wh capacity, making it powerful enough to run heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators and power tools. The included 400W solar panel allows for efficient solar charging, ensuring you can keep your power station charged even off-grid.

Delta Pro & 400W Portable Solar Panel: Originally sold at R80,998, this combo is now priced at R53,999, with a 33% discount during the sale. The Delta Pro is EcoFlow’s most powerful portable power station so far with a massive 3600Wh capacity. It can power almost any home appliance and even supports EV charging. Combined with the 400W portable solar panel, it provides a robust, eco-friendly power solution for both home and professional use.

Portable power stations are an effective solution during times of loadshedding. As loadshedding is mitigated, portable power stations have gradually become a home essential that helps reduce energy bills and promote a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Users can potentially save up to around R3,600 with a combo of one Delta 2 Max and two 400W solar panels set up at home.

“We are excited to bring our Mid-Year Sale to South Africa, particularly during such a vibrant time as the UEFA tournament,” said Bradley Chetty, B2C Sales Director at EcoFlow South Africa. “Our products are designed to provide reliable power solutions, helping our customers stay connected and entertained, while also promoting sustainability and saving energy costs”

For more information on the Mid-Year Sale and to explore the full range of EcoFlow’s products, visit:

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