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DxOMark reveals iPhone 11 selfie scores

According to DxOMark, the iPhone 11’s front camera performs almost identically to that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max—with the only real difference being focus distance.



DxOMark provided the following review: 

With an overall DxOMark Selfie score of 91, the Apple iPhone 11 front camera delivers a decent performance but does not quite make it onto the current top ten list of smartphone front cameras. This said, there are a few differences—the main one being focus distance. The fixed-focus lens of our iPhone 11 test device focuses slightly closer than the lens on the Pro Max, which results in subjects at longer shooting distances (for example, when shooting with a selfie stick) being out of focus.  

Apple iPhone 11 front camera images generally show good exposure on the face and pleasant colors.

The iPhone 11 does well for Exposure. Target exposure on the face is very good in bright light and under typical indoor conditions. It can be slightly low in low light, but images are still perfectly usable as long as you don’t shoot in extremely dim light. There is some room for improvement in terms of dynamic range, though. When shooting challenging high-contrast scenes, highlight clipping can be pretty intrusive, as you can see in the samples below. The results look pretty much identical on the 11 Pro Max, but the Samsung S10+ is capable of preserving a little more detail in the bright areas of the frame

Read a more in-depth review on DxOMark’s website

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