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DStv becomes a streaming service

In a much-anticipated move, MultiChoice announced yesterday that the full DStv bouquet is now available as a streaming service.



All DStv content can now be accessed as a streaming service, without a decoder or satellite connection.   

The move was first revealed during a recent DStv showcase event, and MultiChoice rolled it out yesterday. 

“DStv streaming allows for existing and new customers to conveniently access content on their preferred device (mobile, tablet, gaming console or Smart TV) which should be linked to a consistent, high-speed internet connection for an optimum viewing experience,” MultiChoice said in its announcement. 

“Customers can access all the best in cutting-edge series, reality shows, documentaries, breaking news, live sport and a myriad of educational content anytime, anywhere.” 

Until now, customers could only subscribe to DStv through a satellite connection, which meant they needed a decoder to access DStv’s content.  Once they had this connection, they could also view selected content and channels via the DStv app, which runs on most smart devices. 

Now, DStv streaming allows customers to choose any one of the DStv residential packages, giving them the flexibility to opt for content that fits their interests and budget. The current packages available for streaming are: DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family, DStv Access and DStv EasyView. Streaming customers can also watch shows on Catch Up on four devices, with a maximum of two concurrent streams. 

“We are led by our customers’ evolving viewing habits and how and when they choose to access our content,” says Nyiko Shiburi, CEO of MultiChoice South Africa. “The option to use the internet to consume content speaks to how DStv continues to diversify its offerings with a clear intention to drive value and convenience for our customers.” 

Once signed up on Dstv’s website customers can download and log into the DStv app to access their chosen DStv package at any time, from anywhere. Current DStv customers on select packages retain their existing access to DStv’s streaming services. 

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