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Don’t forget the new year’s resolutions

Trouble sticking to past new year’s resolutions? A new online tool hopes to change all that by letting you track your progress and keep yourself motivated with your 2012 goals.

Called meTracker, the site lets users input their own mini self-surveys, or ‚tracks’, composed of short questions and answers that they login to answer each day.

‚No matter what sort of objective you’ve set for yourself, meTracker is the best and most flexible way to chart your progress,‚ commented site founder and CEO Anthony Philbin. ‚Tracking is a proven and recommended tool for keeping people motivated and our site is unmatched at letting the user define their own personal goals to track, as well as the paths they choose to realise them.‚

Users login to meTracker to record their daily inputs and the site shows them their progress over time on easy-to-read charts. A smoker might ask themselves how many cigarettes they smoked. Someone looking to find better balance between their work and family commitments could track how they spend their time each day.

‚Around this time of year, meTracker is basically like having your very own New Year’s resolution machine,‚ noted Philbin, ‚but the site is more about helping people understand themselves and their lives in a more general and long-term way. An arthritis sufferer might track their pain, an athlete or gambler could track their streaks and slumps, a wife or girlfriend could track how often their significant other says ‚I love you‚ . The possibilities of a customizable tracking tool on a motivational level are really endless.‚

You can check meTracker out at Trying it out is free for your first month and just a dollar a month after that if you decide you want to track yourself, your loved ones or anything else you might want over the longer-term.

There’s also a meTracker app available for your iPhone or iPad that lets you input your track answers on the fly, but for now you’ll still need to create your account and view your chart results on the site itself.


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