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Discover secrets of WW2 from above

World War II is explored from an entirely new and fascinating perspective in a National Geographic series starting today

As we fly above the infamous battle sites of D-Day and Dunkirk, soar over hidden Nazi bunkers, and glide across lost battleships and sunken shipwrecks – this new National Geographic series exposes secrets of World War Two in a brand-new way in the documentary series, World War II: Secrets from Above.

Episode 1 takes us on the Road To D-Day. Matching archive film and photography to their original locations, this series charts these extraordinary events of WWII from a unique perspective.

Episode 2, a week later, explores Hitler’s Vengeance Weapons, as the the Nazis develop the world’s first cruise and ballistic missiles. Can the Allies stop Hitler before he rains down terror from above?

Episode 1 airs on 18 October at 21:00 CAT on DStv 182 and Starsat 221. It will air again at 02:15 on the 19th.

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