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Dell brings smartphone features to new laptop range

With features like proximity sensing and fingerprint security, Dell’s latest Precision line-up adds the best features from what we have come to expect from smartphones.

Now featuring the latest processors, next-gen graphics, intelligent sensing features and longer battery life than previous generations, Dell’s new Precision laptops add features one would previously have expect only from a smartphone. Instant-on, proximity sensing, and fast-charging are all options that suggest Dell has been paying attention to the needs of users, and the features that have made smartphones so compelling.

Chris Buchanan, client solutions director at Dell EMC South Africa, confirmed during a media briefing yesterday that this was a consequence of Dell listening to its customers.

“We have a lot of consumer councils, we meet with a lot of our clients, and they have discussions around what they would like to see in the product,” he told Gadget.

“Many of those trends we see in the marketplace, what our customers are asking for, are being integrated into these new devices. One of the quotes that I love from Michael Dell is that he always talks about our organisation having big ears, meaning we are listening to the customer.” 

Dell said the new machines were designed for creators and innovators needing extreme performance and reliability, and were equipped to take on demanding data- and graphics-intensive workloads, whether that be to help users power the next healthcare breakthrough or to edit a movie.  

All Dell Precision workstations are Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified. The computers are also equipped with Dell Precision Optimiser software, an intelligent solution that automatically tailors the system’s settings to get the best software performance from the workstation, allowing users to get intensive work done faster and smarter.

The Optimiser software uses built-in artificial intelligence and Intel Adaptix Technology to learn how users typically use applications, continuously improving and applying settings – quietly, in the background – so users get a constant improvement in performance. This is another feature first introduced in cellphones, pioneered by Huawei in the Mate 9 several years ago.

As with smartphones, the Dell software also learns day-to-day charging habits to optimise battery charging levels to maintain a better battery health. If users can’t charge their computers, the optimiser will subtly adjust settings to preserve resources, such as dimming the screen or turning off Bluetooth when not in use. When users connect to power, ExpressCharge Boost will gain a 35% charge in about 20 minutes or up to 80% in an hour with ExpressCharge.

The optimiser controls Express Sign-in, a PC proximity sensor enabled by Intel Context Sensing Technology to automatically wake a user’s system and log them in via the IR camera and Windows Hello. It also automatically locks when a user walks away, enhancing security and preserving battery life.

Dell provided the following information on the latest Precision devices: 

Dell Precision 5550 

The newly designed 5550 is 6% smaller than the previous generation and provides a balance of performance and elegance. With an amazing 92% display to body ratio and the lightweight combination of aluminium and carbon fibre, it delivers one of the best 15” mobile workstation platforms for your creative and design applications. Boasting up to an HDR400, 4-sided InfinityEdge, 16:10 aspect ratio display, as well as diamond cut sidewalls and machined speaker grills, it is both vibrant and visually stunning.

Deliver the power for maximum performance for demanding professional software with 10th Gen Intel Core and Xeon, up to 8-core processors, the performance of your NVIDIA Quadro T2000 (4GB) graphics, 64GB of 2933MHz memory (with ECC memory options), 4TBs of storage and also 2 Type C Thunderbolt ports for super-fast data transfers.  

Dell Precision 7550 

The new, premium design of the 7550 is 19% smaller, and fits inside of the previous generation. It has a 21% larger touch pad, new Pro 2 keyboard, and top-firing speakers which further sets it apart from the previous generation. Along with the premium materials and masterful craftsmanship all of this adds up to creators, designers and beyond having a powerful system without the stigma of clunky design – putting elegance and performance in their hands instead.

The 7550 was engineered to provide designers and creators, and up to geologist and data scientists a mobile platform with the power of a desktop, so they can take their work with them, where ever they may go.  

Extract maximum performance from demanding applications with 10th Gen Intel Core and Xeon 8-core processors, up to 128GB of 2933MHz memory and 6TBs of storage. Keep pace with graphic and data-intensive tasks, including VR and AI, with up to NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000TM professional graphics. Our advanced and patented thermals keep the system running  at peak performance while keeping the system cool and quiet. 

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