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Data goes free with FNB

FNB Connect has announced that their customers will get free access to their voice (VoIP) services as well as to the FNB Banking App.

As of today, FNB Connect customers who are registered for their ADSL Service will no longer pay for the data component of their VoIP calls, says Farren Roper, Head of FNB Connect ISP & Business Operations.

In addition, ADSL clients connected via WiFi will be able to access the FNB Banking App, without incurring any data charges. On the Banking App, clients can also make VoIP calls on the App, with no data charges if they use FNB Connect over WiFi.

‚”At FNB Connect, we are always looking for ways to bring down costs of connectivity for our clients to encourage banking via our digital channels. Our ADSL clients already have free access to FNB sites, but with the shift towards App banking, we wanted to extend the free access to our App clients as well. Our ADSL clients who have a WiFi enabled router can now access the Banking App without incurring a data charge and this includes VoIP calls on the App.‚”

Currently, FNB Connect voice clients can access their voice (VoIP) service through a PC phone, available on the FNB Connect website or from the FNB Banking App. FNB Connect offers free calls to other registered users as well as FNB contact centres. SA cellular calls are priced from 79 cents per minute and customers can make calls to the top 20 international destinations, including India, US and the UK from 25 cents. VoIP calls usually attract a data charge from the user’s service provider. With this announcement, FNB Connect users no longer need to pay for the data component when FNB Connect is their service provider.

Roper concludes, ‚”This is the unique benefit that FNB Connect can provide to our customers through convergence of banking and telecommunications. We always champion lowering the costs of communications, so this latest offer is just another extension of our customer centric approach.‚”


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