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Crosscall ranks #1 in global repairability index

In the age where smartphones are becoming increasingly difficult to repair, Crosscall has deviated from this trend by making its devices easily repairable.

Crosscall ranks number one in the smartphone category in the global Repairability Index. The index aims to measure and enforce the anti-waste law aimed to drive a circular economy. 

The law necessitates manufacturers in five key categories namely washing machines, televisions, smartphones, laptops and electric lawnmowers to rate their products in terms of their ability to be repaired and maintained. The rating is legally required to be displayed on the product and will allow consumers to discern the life, longevity and how easy it would be to fix the electronic device in question. 

Although South Africa is behind the curve when it comes to enforcing a circular economy by law, the index highlights the need for global standards to be introduced. Crosscall users in South Africa are benefiting from a new standard that will impact how technology firms think in the future. With the rest of European Union expected to follow in France’s footsteps, the formalisation of what is now a general global shift into sustainable supply chain management and more environmentally friendly business practices and consumer behaviours is growing in impetus.

Julien Fouriot, director for Africa at Crosscall says, “Our products have been developed to withstand the harshest environments and we are commitment to provide premium after sales services to our customers. We service multiple industries from mining, agriculture and construction as well as the consumer market, those seeking a device capable of handling the outdoors.”

The move by France to enforce this anti-waste law to encourage a circular economy not only allows consumers to be more discerning when purchasing an electronic device, but also aims to reduce the impact that electronic waste has on the environment. With the Repairability Index formalised manufacturers in the five categories piloted, where supported by the Institut du Commerce in preparation of the law coming into effect. 

The index allows manufacturers to score their product out of ten, with a score of ten being the most repairable device and zero being a device that cannot be repaired at all. Manufacturers are required to display a small pictogram of a wrench and nut on their branding, the colour of which varies from red to dark green. The Crosscall Core-M4 and Core-X4 all received eight out of ten on the Reparability Index. 

Fouriot noted that Crosscall devices and accessories are mainly targeted in the B2B (Business to Business) space such as mining and agriculture, but they are also are suitable for athletes like mountain bikers, trail runners or hikers, those who spend a lot of time outdoors or those looking for a durable mobile device with a long lifespan.

He says, “Crosscall has also removed plastic usage from their packaging and products are packaged in environmentally friendly, recycled materials and sustainable supply chain practices are of the utmost importance to the company.” 

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