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Clickatell helps call centres make lockdown transition



In response to the COVID-19 crisis, communications platform provider Clickatell has unveiled a quick, cost-effective response solution for businesses’ contact centres to deliver enhanced customer experience. Clickatell’s announcement of its new Automated FAQ Response solution comes as contact centre operations struggle with maintaining consistent customer experience amidst support agents working remotely, consumer anxiety, lockdowns and social distancing measures.

“Businesses are experiencing ever higher customer queries, while also having to decentralise their contact centre operations with thousands of frontline agents having to work from home. Some businesses are contending with less staff and even shutting some contact centres down, making customer service challenges a critical area of need,” explained Jeppe Dorff, Clickatell Chief Product and Technology Officer.

Clickatell’s new Automated FAQ Response solution, integrated with Clickatell’s cloud-based workflow automation software, enables enterprises to automate responses and provide immediate answers to customers’ most frequently asked questions in WhatsApp – improving customer experience and reducing operating costs.

The cloud-based solution integrates into existing contact centre interactive voice response (IVR) systems with minimal configuration changes. It includes Clickatell’s Flow, a visual workflow editor, to manage the questions and responses. Clickatell enables this with a FAQ bot that gives customers instant answers to questions on WhatsApp. Businesses will be able to significantly reduce their contact centre congestion.

In addition to the solution for WhatsApp, businesses can also send out timely emergency text notifications through SMS using Clickatell’s Campaign Manager, a free, no-code communication platform. Campaign Manager makes SMS messages and campaigns simple to launch in minutes for time-critical alerts and notifications at scale.

“Our purpose at Clickatell is creating a better world through technology, and we have seen this amplified during several crises over our 20 years of leadership in mobile technology. We now find ourselves amidst a global public health crisis, and we’re here to help our customers reach their audience through fast, reliable communications and digital commerce platforms,” said Jeppe Dorff.

Clickatell recognises businesses’ need to be responsive to customers in online and mobile channels is crucial during these extraordinary times. To help businesses get started, Clickatell is providing businesses a special offer that removes set-up fees and waives three months of software platform usage fees.

For more information on Clickatell visit For details regarding our new contact center special offer, please visit our Automated FAQ Response page here.