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CES: Voice assisted bed? We’ll sleep on it

The Swedish luxury bedmaker DUX thinks it’s come up with the solution for better sleep: the Alexa-enabled bed.

It says the bed with Alexa built-in will serve as the centrepiece for bedtime routines, “bringing simple and elegant control to technology-filled bedrooms”. 

DUX, in partnership with stellé, a smart speaker company, announced the bed at CES 2019 in Las Vegas this week. It said it made the announcement “to kick off its mission to seamlessly integrate technology into the bedroom through products and features designed to foster the ideal sleep environment”.

“Too often tech is a distraction at bedtime, but with the launch of our bed that has Alexa built into it, we’re changing that,” said Ed Curry, president of DUX North America. “Our goal is to combine our expertise in sleep science with voice-activated technology that delivers seamless – and effortless – bedtime routines.”

The bed will be available online and in most DUXIANA stores throughout the USA. from May. It is available in queen, king and California king sizes with a king-size bed retailing for US$4,950.

The Alexa module is discreetly mounted to the underside of the bed. 

“Design should create an emotional connection with the product and the brand,” said Wayne Ludlum, president and co-founder, stellé.  “And we’re thrilled to collaborate with DUX to bring voice and technology into the bedroom.”

DUX said it has studied sleep science for nearly a century, all in an effort to provide the best sleep possible. 

“But as important as a great bed is, a relaxing evening routine also is critical for a good night’s sleep. That’s where DUX’s tech integration comes into play. With the DUX app synced to your bed, you can manage your home from under the covers – without lifting a finger.

“We know those 15 to 30 minutes right before bed are so important, as you start to unwind and get ready to sleep,” Curry said. “The partnership with stellé is the first step in positioning DUX as a bedtime concierge that handles everything from dimming the lights and guiding your evening meditation, to changing the temperature for ideal sleeping conditions.”

DUX made no official comment on how the bed responds to people talking in their sleep. Is the idea ready for the big time? For now, we at Gadget conclude, we’ll sleep on it.

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