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CES: Kitchen appliances get even smarter

Gourmia’s new smart appliances can all be controlled via app, with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa adding voice control. 

At CES last year, Gourmia was the leader in voice controlled appliances, with Google Assistant integrated with some of its kitchen applicances. This year, at CES 2019, all its kitchen applicances are Internet-connected and offer voice assistance. This is a good indication of how far Gourmia is willing to bet that the future of smart cooking will be voice assisted.

“We want to be at the forefront of consumers’ experience in connected, smart cooking,” said Gourmia founder Heshy Biegeleisen. “It is important to us that we offer appliances that make sense to consumers or solve a need for them. And we can do that with our special platform that allows us to make any of our products smart. Our Internet of Things (IoT) products offer some of the most innovative, easy-to-use kitchen appliances, that make cooking enjoyable, hassle-free, and smart.”

Gourmia IoT products provide users with three options on how to prepare their food or beverage.

1) They can “go smart” and use the Gourmia mobile kitchen app called Mia that allows users to do a wide range of cooking steps from virtually anywhere through their mobile devices. With Mia, users can remotely manage cook modes, cook times and temperatures, find recipe ideas, and receive alerts. Mia is free and available at the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

2) Or they can simply say, “Alexa, ask Mia” or “Hey Google, ask Mia” to perform a specific step in using their Gourmia appliance. And it’s done automatically and quickly.

3) Or if the user is old school or a hands-on type of individual, they can – gulp – do it themselves manually.

Click here to see the range of products Gourmia showcased at CES last week.

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