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CES: Caregivers of the future

Imagine a 3D, crystal clear health professional and personal assistant in your home. Though she lives with you, Addison is presented in stunning scenes and interactive environments that develop over time and are uniquely targeted to you and your needs. Her features, combined with just a one-hour setup time, will make Addison a staple in home technology. 

“Addison, powered by Sumerian, are cutting-edge interactive solutions that can transform home and healthcare. Addison Care represents a leap forward in addressing the medical, financial, and social realities of an ageing population and their caregivers,” stated Mark Francis, head of product marketing for Amazon Sumerian, AWS.

Addison currently provides peace of mind with immediate response to emergencies. She monitors vitals via Bluetooth devices while also providing a demonstration. Addison assists with nutrition, weight loss goals, plans for care management, examinations, and monitored medication reminders. She also assesses movement and changes in how you walk during day-to-day activities to evaluate your risk of falling, all while working to check health status for trends of improvement or decline.

The future looks bright for Addison Care and the features that we can expect in the future. The company is actively applying features to provide a better user experience for accessing local business services, transportation, physician-on-demand and environmental information.

“We want Addison to be the total package – including home healthcare, rehabilitation support, fitness programs, virtual companionship and social engagement with peers,” said Dohrmann. “Addison is already remarkable, but we’re going to continue innovating and researching to continuously create a superior in-home experience.”

Visitors to CES 2019 can interact with Addison at the Addison Care stand at the LVCC, booth #42142. or try a demo in Google Chrome here (

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