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CES: So long, and thanks for all the beer!

Last week, the Las Vegas expo showed off its fun side with state-of-the-art technologies for enjoying beer, writes BRYAN TURNER



Fresh Geoffrey – A butler for the party


A robot butler called Fresh Geoffrey was showcased by French robotics firm TwinWheel at CES last week. The robot can map out one’s home to allow it to navigate easily and stop when it passes guests.

It features a tap that dispenses beer from a keg, a chilled tube for wine, and other tubes to hold snacks. It also features a pressurised water tap to rinse off glasses.

The robot responds to its name and will navigate to where it’s being called.

This robot proves that some of the most novel inventions are the simplest, even if it is just a roaming cart. 

Fresh Geoffrey is not available for consumers yet, as the company is seeking investors.

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