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CES: So long, and thanks for all the beer!

Last week, the Las Vegas expo showed off its fun side with state-of-the-art technologies for enjoying beer, writes BRYAN TURNER



Sony’s Beer-Holding Party Speaker


Making Bluetooth speakers a little more fun, Sony revealed its GTK-PG10 party speaker at CES last week, complete with space for four beer cup holders. 

While the cup holders are a nice addition to the speaker, Sony has gone the extra mile with optimising the speaker for party situations. The company claims that the speaker makes use of digital signal processing (DSP) that automatically adapts audio output based on the surrounding sounds. The 13-hour battery life also helps keep parties going. 

The speaker is cube-shaped with handles on the side, but can be transformed with two panels on the top, which not only provide space to hold four cups, but also spread the sound from the tweeters by facing them outwards, spreading the sound for outdoor situations. Party mode is also geared for party moments, with the speaker being splash-proof on the top in case someone spills a drink on the speaker.

To round off the functionality, the speaker comes with an FM radio, wired USB connections for digital audio inputs, and an Aux input so no phone is left behind, even if it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

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