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CES: Audeze Mobius headphones

At CES last week, Audeze showcased its new Mobius headphones, which it says delivers a realistic, immersive experience that will enhance audio experiences of gaming, movies, and music. With materials originally designed for space applications, Audeze’s planar magnetic technology is claimed to produce pure, accurate, high-quality sound.

Click through to read how tilting these earphones can trigger actions in a game.

WAVES Nx head tracking technology creates hyper-realistic 3D audio experiences indistinguishable from being in the game, movie, or live concert.

With Head Gesture Keybinds, users will be able to map various keyboard inputs and macros to corresponding head-tracking movements. 

For example, a head tilt to the left while wearing Mobius can be mapped to a game-specific action, such as lean left from cover. The functionality is fully customisable and can be used to trigger a variety of actions in various games. 

For those who simply wish to jump in and play, several game-specific presets will be included in the update to Audeze HQ.

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