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CES 2023 to focus on global challenges

A keynote on technology’s role in feeding the world will kick off a showcase of the critical role of technology in support of human security for all.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced that CES 2023, the world’s most influential technology event, will partner with the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to showcase the critical role of technology in support of the United Nations’ efforts to advance human security for all.

CES 2023 will shine a spotlight on how technology helps people tackle the world’s most pressing problems. Human Security for All will be a theme throughout the show, from conference programming to keynotes highlighting innovation and products improving the lives of people around the world.

“Tech innovation gives us the tools to work toward a better world and has always been the catalyst for historic change,” says Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the CTA. “Now more than ever, people are looking to the tech industry for leadership as we develop creative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.”

First introduced by the UN in 1994, the concept of human security recognizes the importance of personal wellbeing and lists security pillars tied to an individual’s experience in life, including food, access to health care, personal income, environmental protection, personal safety, community security and political freedom. CES 2023 will showcase the latest tech innovations and thought leaders dedicated to addressing these most pressing global challenges. CTA will expand the CES Innovation Awards to incorporate technologies advancing the UN Human Security categories.

Says Garry Jacobs, president of the World Academy of Art & Science: “The COVID-19 pandemic, global warming, the high cost of education and the surging food shortages resulting from the war in Ukraine illustrate the importance of developing innovative solutions to the full range of human security issues..”

The CTA also announced the first keynote speaker for CES 2023. John Deere chairman and CEO John May will join other John Deere executives to share how purpose-driven sustainability and advancements in technology are addressing one of the world’s greatest challenges – feeding a growing global population. This will be the first time in CES history that an agriculture technology company executive will take the mainstage for a keynote at the show. John Deere first debuted at CES 2019 and has been exhibiting each year since, highlighting the importance of innovation in agriculture.

“The opportunity for technology and sustainability to positively impact the world is most present in agriculture, where farmers continue to be challenged to feed our growing population,” says May. “John Deere is focused on developing technology with a purpose, to make our customers more efficient and sustainable. The work they do affects every single person and we’re honoured to have the opportunity to help tell their story on the main stage.”

Sustainability, digital health, metaverse, electric vehicles, transportation and mobility will have a commanding presence at the show. CES 2023 will explore the power of technology to revolutionize how people connect, featuring new categories including Web3; using crypto and blockchain to usher in a new digital economy; and remote work tech, exploring how tech is bringing the office into the home to maximize collaboration and creativity.

Owned and produced by CTA, CES 2023 will take place in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, with Media Days taking place on January 3 and 4. Attendees will experience new technologies from global brands, hear about the future of technology from thought leaders and collaborate face-to-face with other attendees. The show will highlight how innovations in sustainability, transportation and mobility, digital health, the metaverse and more are addressing the world’s greatest challenges.
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