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CES 2022: TCL’s 140″ screen that fits in a pocket

Whether it be a 140″ cinema display or a second computer screen, TCL has made it possible to put big screens into one’s pocket.

TCL has announced its second-generation wearable display glasses, NxtWear Air. The new glasses combine the latest display technology and a premium design with 30% less weight and a more comfortable fit than previous generation glasses.

“In developing the NxtWear Air, we primarily focused on two areas of importance to consumers: portability and comfort,” says Stefan Streit, CMO for TCL Communication. “With this new generation of NxtWear glasses, users can enjoy the same exceptional viewing experience as before, but with even more portability, a comfortable fit and an individual style design.”

Watch, game, and work anywhere as NxtWear Air untethers users from offices, living rooms, and small aeroplane screens, freeing them to enjoy their content – best suited for commuters, anyone travelling for work, or on a flight. Viewing movies on the TCL NxtWear Air creates a blockbuster viewing experience. A nail-biting sporting event turns a dull journey to the office into a thrilling ride, while an epic adventure film makes a long-haul flight go by in a flash.

With dual 1080p micro OLED displays, the TCL NxtWear Air delivers ample detail, punchy, rich, and vibrant colours, as well as deep shadows and inky blacks. It also creates an expansive, immersive viewing environment, which is the equivalent of watching a 140-inch screen, 4 meters away – similar to being in a movie theatre.

A 47 pixels-per-degree resolution means the TCL NxtWear Air delivers a cinema-like level of clarity too, and with dual speakers, it plays back stereo audio for spatial effects. For more private viewing, users can connect their own wired or wireless headphones.

TCL created its second generation of wearable display glasses, NxtWear Air, with a focus on comfort and style. At 75g with a standard lens, these portable displays won’t weigh users down. For additional customisation options, the NxtWear Air comes with two exchangeable front lenses, so its look can match each users’ individual style.

Given a heightened need for remote working, NxtWear Air acts as a handy second screen for professionals and students when matched with a laptop, even if there’s no space for a monitor at home. It’s also a private way to work when managing sensitive projects in public or on a commute.

Thanks to Type-C connection, NxtWear Air is also compatible with a wide range of smartphones (more than 100), supporting battery-free plug and play connectivity, and it also works with many laptops.

From work to play, the NxtWear Air is the ultimate immersive gaming companion as it levels up a space into a private arcade experience. When its companion device is connected to a Bluetooth controller, the experience is turbo-charged for gaming bliss.

For those in need of a higher resolution display, TCL also released thinnest 8K Mini LED TV prototype at CES 2022 this week.

Since introducing its first Mini LED backlight TV prototype at CES 2018, TCL has focused on developing Mini LED technology and has become a leader in the Mini LED TV industry. This year, TCL has previewed the prototype of 85-inch 8K Mini LED TV, the thinnest Mini LED TV of 3.9mm thickness, high contrast with over 2000 local dimming zones and a super wide colour gamut.

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