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CES 2022: Meet the smart, sustainable tea machine

The Bru Maker offers an automated, smart, user-friendly solution for making fresh tea by using any type of tea: loose-leaf or tea bag.

Bru, a pioneering start-up founded in 2019 based in Switzerland, will showcase their high-quality electric tea brewing device at CES in Las Vegas. The tea machine solves the problems involved with the time consuming, messy and often wasteful business of tea-making, and replaces it with a seamless, more sustainable and repeatable process.  

Supported by Innosuisse, Bru will exhibit in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2022. Visitors to CES can share a cup of tea with Bru in Booth 62821 at the SwissTech Pavilion located at the Tech West “Venetian Expo”. They will see first-hand the world’s first automated tea machine that works with any kind of tea. The convenience of a capsule machine without the expense of capsules. The smart, user-friendly solution for brewing fresh, full-taste tea at the push of a button.

After water, tea is the most consumed beverage globally.  Tea drinkers who want the best possible taste know that there are many factors to consider – the quality of the tea leaves, the water temperature, and steeping time to name a few.  The Bru Maker offers customers an automated, smart, user-friendly solution for making fresh tea by using any type of tea: loose-leaf or tea bag – the Bru machine will be the only one on the market that works with both. It combines the traditional tea steeping process with a new and patented technology to make consistently fresh tea at the push of a button, over and over again. It only heats the water needed for the desired cup size, making it a more environmentally friendly option than boiling a kettle. The device can also be used for other infusions, as well as an instant hot water dispenser, entirely replacing the need for a kettle.

The tea market is growing but to date, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation within the tea-brewing devices industry in order to prepare the perfect cup of fresh tea. 

“We have kettles and capsule machines – that’s it. When I thought about how many machines there are for coffee, I knew there was a great opportunity to bring convenience, consistency and sustainability to the world of tea.“ says Bogdan Krinitchko, Founder and CEO of Bru AG.

Filip Carlberg, co-founder and CMO of Bru, adds that ‘There is no other product on the market today which offers the convenience of a capsule machine with the quality of a manually brewed tea. No machine which allows you to brew one cup of fresh tea at the push of a button, provides automated cleaning, and is part of the Internet of Things.“ 

With several new versions of the tea machine already in the pipeline, Bru is set to launch the next must-have smart home appliance in the first half of 2022, available via select retail channels and Bru’s dedicated online store.

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