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CES 2022: Health tech takes centre-stage

The health category has grown significantly at CES in recent years. CES 2022 will convene leaders in health tech and showcase the latest products and solutions tackling the pandemic and improving people’s health. More than 100 health companies will exhibit at 2022 happening in person in Las Vegas, NV from 5-8 January.

The North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES will feature the latest health technologies including remote patient diagnostics and monitoring, digital therapeutics, mental wellness, wearables and telehealth services. Participating health companies include: 3M, Abbott, AT&T Business, Colgate-Palmolive, Dassault Systèmes, Omron Healthcare, OrCam, Penumbra, Philips, Sleep Number, Variowell and more. See the full list of over 2100 CES exhibitors here.

“Technology improves our lives in so many ways, and that is especially clear in the health sector,” says Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “The pandemic spurred rapid innovation from digital health companies across the globe who continue to find ways to make our lives safer, happier and longer. We are thrilled with health technology’s strong presence at CES 2022 and look forward to its continued growth in the years ahead.”

CES 2022 will showcase the latest innovations from companies tackling pandemic-related challenges that are interested in meeting with potential buyers and suppliers at CES. Exhibitors include:

  • Opteev developed ViraWarn, the first-ever airborne Covid-19 detector. The ViraWarn product line is divided into two types of products that will fight the Covid-19 pandemic with instant diagnosis of Covid-19 – ViraWarn Breath Analysis and ViraWarn Room Detector. ViraWarn’s proprietary Charge Transference Technology uses the charge-transfer complex of spiked protein viruses in an engineered media of high resistivity.
  • Dassault Systèmes developed its Simulia PowerFlow software that can simulate the spread of water droplets, helping us better understand how Covid-19 is spread. Their “virtual twin experience” starts with a 3D model that represents the shape, dimensions and properties of a physical product or system.
  • Breathings developed Bulo, a state-of-the-art device that measures lung health, and provides personal breathing exercises. Breathings is a healthcare company specializing in respiratory and lung health. Bulo was created as lung health came into focus during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Abbott Chairman of the Board and CEO Robert B. Ford will deliver the first keynote from a healthcare company at the event. Ford will be joined on stage by a diverse group of Abbott’s top scientists, engineers, inventors and partners to discuss the technology revolution in healthcare, and how it is empowering people to actively engage in their own health. In addition, all CES attendees will be provided with Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Self-Test kits. 

“CES is the ideal stage to spotlight how technology is allowing people to take control of their health,” Ford said in a recent statement. “Health is at the centre of our ability to live a full life, and the acceleration of health technology has the potential to improve more lives in more places than ever before. We look forward to sharing some of the latest health tech advancements and future possibilities at CES 2022.”

CES 2022 will feature in-depth panel conversations on a range of health topics, with sessions including:

  • Can Health Tech Advance Health Equity?
  • Bias in the Evolving Landscape of AI in Health Care
  • Mental Health Innovation in Virtual Care: Stories of Success and Opportunity.

The pandemic sped up the adoption of health technologies and services. A 2021 Consumer Technology Association (CTA) study found that since March of 2020, 20% of U.S. households used online health services for the first time, and 20% plan to continue using them in the next year. 25% of U.S. homes now own air purifiers, 23% have smart or connected health monitoring devices and 19% have connected sports or fitness equipment (up 7% from 2020).

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