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Beware the Apple scams

During the first eight months of 2020, Kaspersky experts saw a steady interest from cybercriminals in targeting Apple users: over 100 suspicious domains with the word “apple” in their names associated with the technology company were detected worldwide. However, in September 2020 the number of such resources increased rapidly and by September 9th there was already more than 700 such domain names. However, in reality, the number may be even higher.

According to the analyses of the suspicious domain names, some of the resources were supposedly offering users the ability to find a lost phone, others were offering assistance in restoring access to an Apple account and there were also websites imitating Apple support service. Most likely, these resources are designed to steal Apple account credentials. Usually they don’t even work fully, but only have a cover page – and once the website is blocked, another one gets activated.

“We urge users to be careful: be skeptical about any news or extremely generous offers and promotions, check messages in reliable sources, do not follow links from suspicious emails or in messengers and social networks, check the authenticity of websites and install a reliable security solution with actual databases of spam and phishing,” comments Tatiana Sidorina, a leading content analyst at Kaspersky. 

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