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Aurora G715 gaming keyboard sparkles

Logitech’s elite keyboard is both comfortable and aesthetic, but with excellent functionality, writes JASON BANNIER.

What is it?

The G715 is a wireless gaming keyboard from Logitech’s Aurora collection, powered by Lightspeed wireless connectivity, allowing for smooth wireless use. Bluetooth connectivity is also available, and one can swap between the connectivity types at the touch of a button. The battery life is exceptional and Logitech says that it will last 25 hours while gaming with LEDs at full brightness.

For mechanical keyboard fans, a choice of three switch styles is available: linear, clicky and tactile. With the choice of the different styles of switches and the option to change keycaps like other mechanical keyboards, the G715 is customisable to an extent. 

However, customisation may be limited by its default white mist colour. Although this base colour is pleasant, Logitech does provide three optional top plates in white, green or pink dawn. The colour design links well with the impressive RGB lighting which creates a spellbinding look. 

Lightsync allows for the keyboard’s perimeter and under-key lighting to shine with its programmable RGB colours, using Logitech’s free G Hub software. The software enhances the keyboard and allows for users to tailor it further to their preferences. 

The keyboard comes with a palm rest: a cloudlike foamy piece that gives additional support for using the PC for long periods. Although not a necessity, it does add a layer of comfort even if one uses it for a short period of time. An adjustable height system allows for one to choose how the keyboard sits. 

The keyboard has easily accessible media controls and a scroll wheel for adjusting the PC’s volume. Both tools are useful while gaming, especially for music lovers.

Another excellent function is the keyboard’s Game Mode. Toggling it on disables keys of one’s choice to prevent accidental button pushing, and ensures a better gaming experience.  

How much does it cost?

The Logitech Aurora G715 gaming keyboard is available at a recommended retail price of R4,599.

Why does it matter?

Logitech’s G715 is at the forefront of gaming keyboard designs and is a great choice for gamers in terms of appearance and functionality, especially those wanting to purchase a more high-end product.

What are its biggest negatives?

  • An expensive gaming keyboard, but understandably so with its top-end features.
  • Tenkeyless design –  a full-sized keyboard without a “tenkey” number pad – leaves those wanting more keys disappointed.
  • White keys require more frequent cleaning.

What are its biggest positivises? 

  • Mesmerising aurora-like RGB lighting makes for great aesthetic design.
  • Tenkeyless format allows for more space on one’s desk. 
  • Game Mode disables certain keys for enhanced gaming experience.
  • Both Lightspeed and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Long battery life. 
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