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As selfie cameras rise, so must selfie etiquette

Selfies were once a sign of narcissism or self-obsession. Now they are the new normal, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK.



The selfie rules

So, for the sake of both personal reputation and career mobility, avoid the following.

1. Duckface poses: No one wants to hire someone whose profile picture spells “half-wit” or “cat’s rear”.

2. Bad taste: Ranging from funerals to memorials, disaster sites to public toilets, common sense should tell you what’s inappropriate for a selfie. 

3. Conspicuous consumption: showing off your expensive tastes in meals, cars or clothes is offensive to most.

4. Driving: Oh, so you’re vain AND a dangerous driver?

5. Gym: Because no one cares.

6. Too many selfies: “Me, me, me” is not a great advert for the self.

7. Firearms: Great evidence to be taken down and used in a court of law or a job interview.

8. Bored face: If it bores YOU so much, imagine what it’s doing to the rest of us.

9. Taking advantage: If you include others, get permission both for the pic and how you use it.

10. Intimate or semi-naked: Oversharing. And not only by yourself.

  • Arthur Goldstuck is founder of World Wide Worx and editor-in-chief of Follow him on Twitter on @art2gee and on YouTube

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