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AppDate: You shall not pass with NordPass

In this AppDate instalment, SEAN BACHER highlights NordPass, DHL Express Live Chat, ESET joining up as a Google App Defense Alliance partner, Shyft now with iiDENTIFii, and Ayoba hitting 1 million users per month.



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DHL Express Live Chat

DHL Express has launched a Multi-Channel Tool (MCT) that allows customers to interact with DHL Express via live chat and specialised email services.

Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa, says customers benefit from quicker response times, as well as being abler to interact with the company through the channels that are most convenient for them. 

He says that customers can use the live chat option on a mobile device or on the DHL Express website and receive assistance with self-help options online. “Live chat is the popular choice of many customers due to its fast response times.”

The Multi-Channel Tool uses a centralised knowledge management system that offers a customer service agent desktop, web self-service, case management, and customer interaction channels, such as e-mail, telephony, live chat and social media. Customer service agents also have access to processes, policies and procedures, and case studies they can use to answer queries effectively. This empowers the agents with the correct information on hand, speeding up query resolution time.

When a query is received, it is routed to an agent knowledgeable in that specific subject matter, further enhancing the customer experience.

Platform: Android, iOS and most other devices with an up-to-date browser

Expect to use: A free service

Stockists Visit the DHL Express site here to use the chat service

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