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AppDate: Easy transfers with mybux digital vouchers

In this AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights mybux, Wyzetalk, Nedbank’s bill payments rewards, Hello Pay, and My Family Cinema.


mybux, a digital voucher provider, is currently operating in more than a dozen African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa, and is processing over 20-million vouchers per month.

It is accessible via the mybux app, through its website, and via Whatsapp. The company uses API (Application Programming Interface) technology across the continent, making it easier for mobile money users to trade on the stock market. With card fraud reaching new heights, it has eliminated reliance on credit cards – all users need is a mobile number. 

In some countries, and based on the customer’s preference, a voucher can be purchased or topped up using traditional banking methods such as EFTs and debit or credit cards. Through its secure authentication, it has employed a system that eliminates most fraud and makes sure the right person accesses the transaction. It does this without storing any payment or personal data, to safeguard a customer’s private information. 

Launched in 2018, the service was developed out of the need to allow everyone to participate in the online economy, even in places where banking systems are inefficient. Research states that 57% of people in Africa do not hold any bank accounts. The company has been able to bridge this gap by allowing customers to buy mybux vouchers from their smartphone. It also allows one to send the voucher to a relative as a form of a money transfer using a mobile number. For businesses, the system has allowed companies, mostly in sports betting and FX trading, to access new markets and target new customers. 

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download.

Stockists: Visit the mybux website here for more information.


Vodacom Business and Wyzetalk have partnered to keep companies and employees connected 24/7 and on any mobile device.

This comes after Covid-19 made office time for a full staff complement a thing of the past for many companies. Wyzetalk allows employees to check in with their managers, collaborate and share information. It is zero-rated, which means that companies and employees don’t pay for any data when communicating with each other. It is designed to support any network speed – even 2G devices.

Once signed up, the app will be up-to-date with round-the-clock support and can also be personalised to suit the company’s branding.

“Wyzetalk is currently used by more than 30 blue-chip clients across five continents, connecting over 700 000 employees daily,” says William Mzimba, chief officer for Vodacom Business.

“Aside from boosting communication, the solution automates critical business processes, upskills employees through digital learning, and improves efficiencies and productivity for the businesses,” says Gys Kappers, Wyzetalk CEO. 

Wyzetalk is run on a secure and scalable platform that enables tiered administration permissions for database management and content publishing. Users can segment content and messages for specific audiences within the company, and access analytics and reporting from every engagement on Wyzetalk’s dashboard. The solution’s ability to integrate with existing business systems like payroll, e-learning and shift-management, helps deliver relevant, personalised information to staff. This information is further tailored to employees through the platform’s ability to translate content into different languages.

Three core sections where the platform adds value include:

  • Communications, which spans internal communications
  • Engagement, which covers team interaction and staff surveys, as well as employee feedback
  • Productivity, which encompasses operational workflows, personal well-being, and health and safety updates

Platform: Any mobile device with an Internet connection

Expect to pay: Prices vary on a business’s needs.

Stockist: Visit the Wyzetalk website here for more information.

My Family Cinema

The number of video streaming services has exploded in recent years, giving TV buffs more choices than before. One can choose from Apple TV, Netflix, BritBox, Showmax, HBO, HBO Max, Disney +, and Amazon Prime, among others.

The problem when subscribing to more than one of these streaming subscriptions is that it gets expensive. One also has to switch from a service to another to find a suitable movie. But there is a solution, called My Family Cinema.

The app is downloaded onto any Android device and, once signed up, a user selects a cloud to stream from. It is a little tricky to set up as one needs to know which cloud to select to get the most content. All shows and movies from the selected cloud are then pulled into an easy-to-use dashboard with a search option. 

New content is added on a regular basis and, depending on the cloud chosen, most movies that are available in a user’s region are ready for streaming or for download. Users can easily see what movies are available by a green Y or orange N character. The only downside is that it is an Android-only app at the moment.

Platform: Android only

Stockists: Visit My Family Cinema here for downloading and installation instructions.

Expect to pay: The service gives users a one-week free trial after which subscriptions range from R55 to R500 per month, depending on the number of users.

Nedbank bill payments rewards

Nedbank’s new bill payments feature is designed to make paying bills more rewarding by offering its clients Greenbacks, SAA Voyager Miles or American Express Membership Rewards for every bill they pay. 

The bill management feature is available on the Nedbank Money app and Internet  Banking website, and includes over 500 listed beneficiaries. The bill management feature also gives users full control of their regular or monthly bills, the ability to keep track of payments, set payment rules for each beneficiary and then earn the rewards.

Nedbank developed the bill payments solution in response to research that showed that South Africans prefer to pay around 60% of their regular bills manually. This is because they worry about errors or double debits if they automate these payments using a debit order or scheduled payment system. This percentage increases for bills that vary from month to month, like utilities and municipal accounts.

“Since nobody enjoys paying bills we decided to make the process a little more gratifying,” says Chipo Mushwana, executive of innovation at Nedbank.

Nedbank’s Bill Payments feature is currently in a pilot phase and will be available towards the beginning of July 2022.

Platform: Any device with an up-to-date Internet browser

Expect to pay: A free download.

Stockists: Visit Nedbank here for more information.

Hello Pay

The informal sector accounts for about 18% of South Africa’s GDP, with over 3 million workers engaged in the informal economy. In addition, an estimated 2.9-million migrants reside in South Africa, many of whom struggle to access financial services in order to start small businesses like spaza shops, salons and kiosks.

To better serve this sector, Hello Pay has created a turnkey suite of business solutions that will enable growth, save costs, and give users peace of mind that financial access is available to them when they need it.

Hello Pay’s SoftPOS offering already allows users to process payments, access daily auto cash-up (reconciliation) and activate and control multiple devices with one account. Now, it has launched its business solution to enhance its SME offering, giving merchants access to loans, business cover and armed response.

“Hello Pay’s business solution offers services to merchants and small businesses that would normally have to seek from multiple providers,” says Zunaid Miya, managing director of Hello Pay. The solution gives merchants access to these services efficiently, and those who already have access to them will also benefit from lower costs.

After signing up on the Hello Pay website, an agent contacts the user to set up a personal appointment to take them through all the available services and provide training.

The POS device allows merchants to accept card payments and sell airtime and electricity. With a Hello Paisa bank account, they will be able to swipe on the Hello Pay device and receive the funds directly into their bank account. By receiving their funds electronically they are able to transact digitally, thus being able to order online and get their goods delivered to them.

Other benefits of the Hello Pay Business Solution include:

  • Business insurance cover from R60 per month
  • 24-hour armed response for R2 per day
  • The ability to pay staff salaries or remit money home using Hello Paisa
  • Transaction rates at 1,2% per annum
  • An online portal to keep digital records

Visit the Hello Pay website here for more information.

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