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AppDate: ‘Super-secure’ messaging with TokLok

In this AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights TokLok, FIRtech, Cap’s app upgrade, Vodacom Get-a-Gig, and mPharma Bloom.


TokLok is claimed to be one of the most secure instant messenger platforms, because it does not not collect any data about its users. It does not collect statistics, does not provide geolocations, and does not assist in commercial profiling. The app stores all the information necessary for operating via encryption on the user’s device. For this reason, it is not possible to sell or provide user data for free to state institutions.

TokLok is an instant messenger intended for people who value their privacy and security – both in private and business communication. TokLok also offers the possibility to install the application directly on an organisation’s servers.

The aim of the TokLok developers was to create a messenger that ensures secure flow of information within companies and public institutions. It is also a good solution for public figures counting on complete discretion.

But, all this privacy comes at a price.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: Prices range from R20 per month for two users, up to R75 per month for 50 users.

Stockists: Visit the TokLok site here to sign up.


FIRtech has introduced a VAT reconciliation bot to help cash-strapped municipalities simplify their VAT administration and recover unclaimed revenues, by offering them the opportunity to customise their functionality and outputs.

“Cash-strapped municipalities are missing many opportunities to recoup unclaimed taxes,”  says FIRtech CEO Ugan Maistry. “Often, they are focused on bigger budget items, but they need to realise that an answer to cash preservation is hiding in plain sight.” 

Local authorities buy goods and services from the private sector to provide services to the public. These goods and services attract VAT, but the municipality does not levy VAT on all of their services to the public. This means there is a massive imbalance between input and output tax – taxes paid versus taxes charged.

Some of the challenges many municipalities face to resolve their VAT reconciliation problems include:

  • The need to employ many specialised skills – IT personnel, data analysts, accountants, auditors and engineers.
  • The long lead times required to prepare reports for physical investigation
  • The inaccuracies that appear in the final review reports
  • The need for ongoing management of the VAT reconciliation process

The VAT reconciliation process works across most legacy enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs), mainframes, custom applications, desktop applications and other IT platforms.

Stockists: Visit Firtech here for more information.

CAP’s app upgrade

The CAP app, which was originally designed to give individuals and their family members emergency assistance, including armed response and medical assistance, has added features to keep them safe on the road.

The first one is called Ride. A user inserts details such as their location and departure time, and vehicle information like make and colour as well as occupants are included, after which one needs to enter a secret code.The app automatically estimates how long the journey should take.

Once the journey has been completed the code needs to be typed in to verify that there were no problems en-route. If the correct code is not entered, CAP locates the user via the phone’s location and sends help.

The second new feature is called Meet. It works very much like the Ride feature and is aimed at offering assistance when one is meeting strangers.

The meeting location, start, duration and arrival times need to be set, as well as a secret code. If the code is not entered or is incorrect, CAP sends help.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: R39 per month for the individual package and R99 per month for the family package which allows up to eight members to use the app. 

Stockists: Visit the CAP website here for downloading instructions

Vodacom Get-a-Gig

South Africa has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. In a bid to give youth more of a chance in this tough economy, Vodacom has launched Get-a-Gig through NXT LVL (pronounced “next level”) with a three-year vision of connecting 1-million youth to jobs or gigs by 2024. 

Vodacom’s Get-A-Gig service matches a job seeker with job or gig opportunities within the company or its partners. Get-A-Gig was launched as an extension of Vodacom’s recently revamped NXT LVL – a platform aimed to address the challenges faced by young people, offering them opportunities to connect, learn and earn as well as giving them access to the right tools to help them reach their potential.

“By the youth earning a living and being connected through our technology, we believe they can go further,” says Jorge Mendes, chief officer of consumer business at Vodacom.

Get-A-Gig is available free of charge to all NXT LVL customers via the My Vodacom App or VodaPay.

New NXT LVL customers need to download the My Vodacom or VodaPay App, register for NXT LVL, click on the Get-A-Gig tile to register and create a profile. They can then search and apply for available gigs in their area.

Existing NXT LVL users can register for Get-A-Gig by logging onto the My Vodacom or VodaPay app, click on the Get-A-Gig tile to register and create a profile, and then search & apply for available gigs.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Visit the Vodacom website here for more information and downloading instructions.

mPharma Bloom

mPharma, a pan-African healthcare technology company, has launched Bloom, a product designed to allow pharmacy owners to solve operational problems and make more informed management decisions.

Bloom is now available in over 300 pharmacies across Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and South Africa, and is expected to be fully operational in all mPharma-partner pharmacies in an additional nine African countries in the coming three months. The module is designed to solve the problem of pharmacies having limited data, and manually generating reports needed for decision making.

“Pharmacies today suffer from two problems at opposite ends of the spectrum,” says Dan Shoukimas, chief product officer of mPharma, who helped in the design of Bloom. “Either they lack the data and tools they need and are not able to get them, or they have a glut of data but cannot leverage it to make better decisions.” 

Visit the mPharma website here for more information. 

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