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Sean Bacher

AppDate: Simply sync devices

In this AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights SyncMate 5 for Mac, the South African Airways app for BlackBerry, Toeter and Battery.

SyncMate 5 for Mac

Many South Africans have a tablet, smartphone, notebook and possibly a desktop computer. But, when using multiple devices, there is always the problem of making sure documents, spreadsheets, images and the like are all up to date and are on all the devices. SyncMate 5 for Mac is an easy-to-use solution that syncs data from a Mac across all mobile devices in a matter of minutes. Unlike other syncronisation solutions, SyncMate works across all devices, from Android to BlackBerry, meaning the user has install the app on each device and remember one password.

Platforms: Mac OS 10 and above.


Expect to pay: The free version offers limited sync options, but a variety of paid for versions are available.

South African Airways for BlackBerry 10

The South African Airways app for BlackBerry 10 lets users check their flight status and track the flight from the app’s main screen. The app also offers the ability to check the weather at the destination, includes points of interest and a restaurant and hotel guide. Users are also able to check in online, view flight schedules and locate airport lounges. Voyager customers can view their Voyager miles.

Platform: BlackBerry 10 and above.

Stockists: Visit the BlackBerry App World.

Expect to pay: A free download.


Toeter is a social media platform that caters exclusively to the Afrikaans community. The app is simple to use with an uncluttered user interface. It is designed to be on a par with its English equivalents. Besides being a chat platform, the app will also be used to push business opportunities in the Afrikaans sector and will act as a communications channel for schools, learners and students.

Platform: PC and Mac


Expect to pay: Free to sign up.


The Battery app is a simple app that lets users monitor their battery status. It displays information like how much time a user has before the battery runs flat and allows users to disable services and connections quickly in order to prolong battery life. The app takes advantage of the Windows Live Tile feature, meaning information can be viewed directly from the home screen.

Platform: Windows Phone 8 and above.

Stockists: Visit the Windows Phone Store.

Expect to pay: A free download.

* Sean Bacher is editor of Follow him on Twitter on @SeanBacher

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